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True Stories with Chris Bosh

With Hank Mango I worked on a series of animated episodes retelling key moments in former NBA star Chris Bosh’s career.
I had the chance to work from beginning to end - illustrating styleframes, providing alternate pitch illustrations, plenty of character animation and a fair amount of smears!

Official Styleframes: Illustrator
Alt Styleframes: Photoshop
Character Animation: Puppet, Shape and Cell animation

Art Direction / Illustration / Motion Graphics / 2D  Character Animation

Episode 1

 Progress work 

After we had figured out the key poses for the concept art for the pitch to the client, I was asked to provide a 3rd style for the pitch to the clients. I decided to go for more of a ‘'left field’' approach to give the clients something more unexpected. Although it wasn’t picked in the end I still love the texture of each frame - heavily inspired by the marks left on well loved basketball courts.

Episode 2

This episode in particular was animation heavy for me - I provided almost
all the character (the biggest being Chris Bosh, the Mountie and Beaver, and the Manager) animation featured (aside from rotoscoped scenes).

Character Animation: Puppet, Shape and Cell animation

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