A selection of explainers I've done for previous clients, with a focus on two contrasting animations I've done recently Vaulta & Check-back. Two explainers with entirely different needs and audiences, the former being focused on new tech and the latter being accessible learning for medical situations.


Below reel is a few smaller projects I worked on with The Content Division, Macquarie UniOrchard.

Animation: AfterEffects & Illustrator

Text animation    Character animation     Motion design

 'The Great Battery Catastrophe' - Vaulta

The colours may be limited but the amount of layers in this project...I lost count. One of my recent favourites and am really glad how this came out since they were many complicated scenes with a lot of little animations happening one once (especially the drained batteries scene - below)

 'Check-back' - Check-back

I worked with Inky Smudge to create this explainer for Check-Back, an educational video for those who have trouble remembering what's been said at their doctor's appointments.
I worked on the storyboards and based the designs off the original website. I wanted to keep the approachable vibe of the website's original design, so I kept the shapes and colours soft, rounded and calm throughout.