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'Hockey is Back' concept

Waiting for some downtime to actually make something out of this! 

I love how the stadiums are looking, they're two of my favorite places in Toronto. I'm wanting to create a more long-form social spot celebrating the changing of seasons and sports in the city - from the end of the Jays to the beginning of the Leafs, and eventually vice versa.

Illustration: Procreate, Photoshop
Animation (and 'faux' motion graphics' for background billboards): Adobe Aftereffects

Art Direction / Illustration / Motion Graphics / 2D Animation

 3D compositing 

Even though I love and work primarily in 2D, I knew I wanted the baseball and puck to be spinning constantly, so instead of illustrating I used real 3D for the puck  and "faux" 3D for the ball (as the stitches would be doing all the illusion of moving). 

Then I used lighting, shading and fast blur to integrate them both into the scenes.

 Illustration process 

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