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A selection of animations I've done for client's social media posts. With these I don't need to do much design since the art director has already worked their magic but I get to do some many different animation styles!

Below reel is a few other smaller projects I worked on with AGNSW, Secret SoundsMacquarie Uni & The Content Division.

Animation: AfterEffects & Photoshop

Motion Graphics / 2D Animation

Recent Social Campaigns

 'Vaccine Support' - NZ Civil Defense 

#collab #brent loy #cell animation 

Screenshot 2022-01-18 223831.png

I worked with NZ Civil Defense and fellow animator Brent Loy to make some cell animated GIFs for the rollout of NZ's vaccine campaign.

I hadn't done much cell outside my own personal projects with Procreate but working within Photoshop with Timelord was such a cool experience that it's inspired me to do more work
in this area!  

 'Iridescent' - Sydney Living Museums 

#motion graphics 

With/Without blurs and noise layers

To make sure the gradient animated 
in the text to reflect the iridescence of the exhibition, we went through many, many rounds getting the timing and placement of each colour perfect, and I'm super happy with how it came out.  

 'Gamble Aware' Social Campaign - NSW Government 

#motion graphics #illustration 


Storyboard with producer's revisions

Created a series of animations for the NSW GOV's social feed to raise awareness of gambling addictions.

Worked in NSW GOV's pre-existing style to make a simple but informative video.

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