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Featured Work

 Featured Work 


Sharne* is an Australian 
 motion designer  
based in Toronto

Sharne's first creative passion is motion design (namely 2D animation) as there really is no medium that can bend time and space as much as a few smears and keyframes can. Illustration has emerged as her second passion recently during her years of freelancing.

As Sharne has been leaning more into an art direction role as well, the two are becoming intertwined in recent projects.


After graduating with a Bachelors in Visual Communication, Sharne started her career in broadcast at one of the major television networks in Australia, Seven Network (Seven West Media). Over those four years she worked across long running tv series, films, morning television and live sport.


During this time Sharne also furthered her studies by achieving a Diploma in Screen Design from the prestigious Australian Film, Television and Radio School.


She then went to a smaller boutique studio, Hank Mango, where she focused on 2D character animation, visual development and editing on business explainers, socials and visuals for live entertainment venues.


She has continued focusing on telling animated stories for interesting, purpose-driven & creative brands during her time freelancing (Sharne’s Studio). She focuses on creating

visuals for live entertainment and events.


In her spare time, Sharne enjoys vintage shopping for weird sweaters, learning how to sew and learning what it's like being a Leafs fan (sad).


(*ignore the “e”, it’s silent, her mum was also creative)

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belvoir copy_edited_edited_edited.png
“Working with Sharne has been extremely positive. She diligently meets deadlines and I can always
rely on her to submit her work on time and at a high standard. With her help on design, we’ve been
able to deliver some of the most innovative and engaging design work this year.
I couldn’t recommend her more!

Matt Nguyen, Hello Social

"Sharne was a breeze to work with right from the get-go. She delivers polished and on-brief animations across a wide range of projects and is easy to communicate with. Wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and again."

Lorae Misipeka, The Content Division

"Thank you for your attention to detail, creative solutions and efficiency with our digital marketing campaign. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Natalie Banks, Sydney Living Museums

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